So, I asked Lauren Turner from L Turner Law this question and this was her response.
“The question I am asked the most about animal law is: “what the heck IS animal law?”
There is no one right answer. One minute it could be representing a dog bite case. At this moment, I have a case against a pet superstore for negligent supervision of a dog in boarding; a class action suit against an animal shelter for animal abuse; a suit against a trainer who gave a woman a service dog that almost immediately mauled her; and am in settlement negotiations with a homeowners association evicting a woman due to the breed of her service animal.
The issues that involve animals are wide and varied, but intrinsically fascinating and always exciting. The far-reaching issues of animal law affect many people, but most don’t realize that there are solutions readily available if they know where to look- and who to turn to for help.”
An now we know where to look,!