Danielle Martin, executive director of Frankie’s Friends, told The Dodo that the first aid course was funded by Cindy Roberts, the wife of a fallen police officer.

“While the professional handlers of K-9 officers and search-and-rescue dogs are often trained in first aid for people, their knowledge of the K-9 anatomy is often limited,” Martin told The Dodo. “Knowing what to look for, health-wise, can identify issues before they become serious, or even save the dog’s life.”

Indo was rushed to the vet, where he was treated for burns to his face. He spent the next few weeks recuperating at home with Bergman. “At first his mood was down,” Bergman said. “He was very calm, which is not like him. As the days went on, Diesel [Bergman’s own dog, a boxer] brought his spirits up and he got much better.”