Mariesa Hughes tried to remain optimistic about using human contact lenses for Gremlin. “I said I would try anything if it improved her quality of life,” she says. And in the exam room at Capital District Veterinary Referral Hospital, “I had many questions, but before Dr. Lackner had time to answer most of them, the contact was in, Gremlin was off of the table and pulling me down the hall!”
Dr. Lackner recalls that moment, too. “I think all of us had tears in our eyes when she looked up, as if coming out of a daze, and took off!” she says. “It still gives me goosebumps.”
Now Gremlin can find her water bowl without a problem. 


“Since she’s had the lens in, she hasn’t run into anything,” Hughes says. “She no longer flinches when the other dogs walk by her and she found her water bowl without stepping in it and dumping the water out.”