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Gray says more and more dogs are being dumped because the cost of surrendering an animal to the county shelter has increased greatly in the last few years — from $20 to $160. Gray originally started the rescue as a breed-specific rescue for boxers, but with so many pit bulls and pit bull mix dogs being euthanized in the shelter, the rescue has expanded to include any dog in need of rescue. The small nonprofit usually has 30–40 dogs in need of homes at any given time.

“Everyone knows who we are,” Gray says. “I never want to say no.”

For example, Roxie joined the rescue after a call from a shelter volunteer three years ago. She been adopted and returned to the shelter twice because her separation anxiety is so acute that she can’t be crated and needs someone with her all day, every day. Lisa Gray eases Roxie’s fears. Bill Gray calls Roxie a “compassionate peer dog” because she helps welcome new dogs into the rescue, acting like a mama dog to them.