But he never made it back to the shelter. Dr. Danielle Boyd was working at at the hospital as part of her ophthalmologic veterinary internship when Dr. Conway asked her to get a dog named Zar for an examination. The twisted face staring at her with one big, brown eye mesmerized her. As she carried him to the examination table, he melted into her arms. “I was enamored by this little one-eyed pup who clearly endured so much pain,” Boyd told The Dodo. She was amazed because he acted like any other happy-go-lucky pup. 

Boyd decided to bring him home that night, just to give him a break from all the kennels and cages. “He watched out the window of my car as the world blurred by, wagging his tail, [and] looked as if he was smiling!” Boyd said. Once home, the shy and mellow puppy became what Boyd referred to as a “living, breathing puppy tornado.”